1tap2send Core77 Finalist

Did you ever need to send a distress signal or an urgent message as fast as possible?
Have you ever received annoying calls while working or in a meeting?

1tap2send is our Core77 finalist app and the answer to the questions above! You can check out the challenge here: http://fasttrackapp.core77.com/

  • The app lets you define template messages and when you’ll need them, just use them instantly!
  • You can create new messages or customize the templates – set the title, the message text and choose a contact.
  • You can also select from a list of icons and colors for a quicker overview.
  • Afterwards just choose to send the message via text or email. That simple!

For more information check out the app page at http://www.1tap2send.com/ or go to the Windows Phone Marketplace at http://windowsphone.com/s?appid=1b723ddb-2ae0-4337-b8ee-e7b4de5e2190.

PS: A “Making Of ” pictorial can be seen on our Facebook page.