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Alergotura app on iOS & Android


We’re happy to announce that Alergotura is now available in the app stores. Get your sneakers ready to run! 👟

After Mobile Summer 4.0 we took a bit of time to polish the apps and prepare them for publishing. Our team has been working on the apps and now, Alergotura is available in the stores.

Adrian Militaru, Ana-Maria Vîț and Yüzgülen Begüm are the developers of the application along with a few mentors from Cobalt Sign. Read below to find out more about the app’s features and background!

First of all, the app informs people about the upcoming running shifts and events taking place in Timișoara. Moreover, it motivates its users to do sports with a long list of daily shifts all around Timișoara.

The two main pages of the app are: “Shifts” and “Events”.  These indicate the kind of events organized by the association.

The items from the list have more organizational details, such as event description, date & time, location and more.

Alergotura Eveniment
Alergotura Ture
Alergotura Evenimente
Alergotura Despre-Alergotura
Alergotura Despre-MS
Alergotura Home

All the apps from Mobile Summer have two standard pages. One with details about the organization and one with details about our workshop.

“About Alergotura” describes the associations’ mission: the boost of a healthier lifestyle of Timișoara’s inhabitants and the motivation of the people involved in these activities.

“About Mobile Summer” underlines the use of learning new technologies and working in a team. Most importantly, this page presents the importance of getting involved in community projects.

Finally, on this page, you will find the participants of our course who have worked on this app.