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Our first team building after the pandemic

After uncertain times followed by a hybrid working system, when some of us worked from the office, and some preferred to work from home, the need for some light and fun activities with the team was getting stronger.

For our first team building after the pandemic, instead of following past tradition in visiting European capitals, we opted to stay at home in our lovely countryside, in Romania. So, we gathered, 14 of us, summoned all the humor and light-heartedness we were capable of, and set out for a relaxing getaway close to Timisoara.

Altringen - a relaxing getaway surrounded by nature

To ease us into some amazing days together, we chose a place in the middle of nature, a cozy and relaxed location, in a picturesque area of the countryside, that greeted us with lavender fragrances and delicious, comforting meals.

Built in a traditional style, honoring the Banat area, Casa Altringen brings together modern comfort highlighted by the rural simplicity of Romanian architecture, a perfect combination between warmth and familiarity, just what we needed for our getaway.

Disconnect to reconnect

Paper plane contest! 

We couldn’t let time pass by without one of our childhood’s favorite activities: a proper paper plane competition. First a “prototype contest” within each team, to determine the winning aircraft design, then the “big” challenge between the best planes of each team. Inevitably, one of the winning airplanes ended up as a toy for a puppy, but hey, at least we got the construction basics covered for future designs.

Practicing our communication skills, teamwork, and creativity, our getaway was filled with laughter and that ”feel-good” feeling.

From fun activities like the treasure hunt game, to practicing ping pong skills, our time together was an opportunity to reconnect while disconnecting from our work environment.

Our “playtime” was guided by Adi, an actor from the National Theater of Timisoara, so getting to know one another more closely was spontaneous and so much fun.

Campfires, stories and future plans

Evenings were dedicated to campfires, around which stories were told and ideas brought into discussion for future exploration.

Glad we got to spend some fantastic time together as a team with unwinding activities, cool debates, fun card games, delicious homemade food, and of course the ever-present BBQ. We hope this getaway provided an opportunity for our team members to know each other better, disconnect and have fun in another way than by coding.