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Start Coding @ Hello App 6.0

Hello App - Android App Development Workshop

Hello App is our free Android app development workshop for students from Timisoara. Each year, we organize an approximately two weeks long workshop during which we help students learn to develop an Android app. We first started organizing the workshop back in 2014 to help passionate high-school and university students to learn app development for free. 

Each year, we accept a small number of participants and we dedicate time and effort to help them understand the basics of app development. We encourage hands-on learning but we also make a few presentations during the workshop so that they can get familiarised with the tools we use. 

At the workshop, the students learn to develop apps using the latest trends, tools and technologies. We had a few editions where we taught Android app development using Java or both iOS and Android development React Native. During Hello App 6.0 we are focusing on Android app development using Kotlin programming language.

So Far @ Hello App

Android Workshop for Students
Android Workshop

About Hello App 6.0

At Hello App 6.0 we will have 16 participants from high-schools and universities from Timisoara. We are starting the Android workshop on Saturday, 12 October at the usual location, Ambasada. We like the space, it is the perfect location to get to know the participants and get started on the work. However, we will also meet with them at our office so that we can have a few more private and focused sessions. 

We are going to teach our students to develop an Android app using Kotlin programming language. Therefore, we will have a few presentations about Android, Kotlin and Git as not all the participants will be familiar with these programs/tools. Then, we’ll dive right in and they will be able to start the work on their apps and ask us any kind of questions they want. We support this way of learning because we believe everyone should focus on what they want and at their own pace. 

The students will be working on the apps for two weeks. During this time, we will have an online session for technical discussions and several coding sessions. Moreover, our mentors will be right there for questions and guidance. 

The final app presentations will take place at Ambasada on the 26th of October. Everyone is welcomed to see the finals apps, support the participants and root for their favourite team. We can’t wait to see the results!

This Year’s Assignment

This year we will be trying a new approach during the workshop. The challenge for Hello App 6.0 will be to work in teams and each team will have the same base requirments for their app. 

Until this edition, the participants focused either on their own ideas or on apps for the community. But, this year, we thought we’d change the way they work so that everyone will have the same base requirements for their apps. At the end of the workshop, we will see every teams’ approach to implementing the requirements, what they did differently and what they chose to add as optional features.

The app which the students will have to develop is a quiz. The participants will have a few required pages and features that they will have to implement. Also, they will also receive a list of complementary features they can add for extra points.

Required app features and specifications

  • Dashboard
  • Quiz
  • Score

Feature Ideas

  • Social media integration
  • Timer for a question or quiz
  • Random questions
  • Questions shown based on previous answers
  • Option to choose quiz difficulty
  • Option to skip a question
  • Firebase integration (login, get, post data)
  • Quiz map
  • Gesture detection (shake, flip)
  • Vibration detection using Android accelerometer
  • Challanges

Tools We <3 and Use

During the Android app development workshop, the participants will use the same tools we do when we develop apps. Below you can find some of the tools we will use during Hello App 6.0 and a few useful tutorials to get started.

Work in Progress @ Hello App 6.0

Coding session #1

Updated: October 14

On Monday, we gathered at our office to begin the work on the apps. We started the coding session with an introductory presentation in Kotlin.

Then, the teams talked a bit more about their ideas and established some of the functionalities which wanted to implement in their apps throughout the workshop. Finally, the teams started working on their ideas in the remaining time.

Android App Development
Android App Development
Android App Development Workshop
hello app 6.0 workshop
hello app 6.0 participants
hello app 6.0 Android App Development

Coding session #2

Updated: October 16

The second session was dedicated to learning GitHub Desktop and continuing the work on the apps. At the beginning of the session, we talked about creating and cloning repositories, using branches, commits, conflicts and .gitignore.

In the end, we made sure that all the participants uploaded their work on GitHub correctly and that they’re ready to continue the work on their apps using GitHub.

Coding session #3

Updated: October 18

The next meeting was our online Q&A session. On Friday, we spent some time on Slack, discussing a few problems the students encountered while working on the apps.

Among the main topics, we discussed were writing data in Firebase DB & GridViews. Also, we succeeded in fixing some bugs and resolving a few errors in Android Studio. 
hello app 6.0 communication techniques
hello app 6.0 remote session
Hello App Android Workshop
Hello App Android Workshop
Hello App Android Workshop

Coding session #4

Updated: October 21

We began the 4th coding session with a daily scrum. Each team presented shortly what they implemented until now, what they want to work on during this session and what are their future plans.

Then, the participants continued the work on the apps with the help of our mentors.

Coding session #5

Updated: October 24

This was the final coding session from Hello App 6.0. We started with a daily scrum, as usual, and then, we helped the participants wrap up and get the apps ready for Saturday when they will present the final versions. 

By the end of the day, they will give us an APK as a backup for Saturday. However, some of the teams will continue working on the apps tomorrow and send us an updated APK. We’re eager to see the final apps! 

hello app 6.0 workshop for students
hello app 6.0 app development workshop
hello app 6.0 Android App Development Workshop
Android Workshop
Android Workshop
Android Workshop

Final app presentations

Updated: October 28

On Saturday, the presentation of the apps developed during Hello App 6.0 took place. We rewarded the students who developed the best app with two Google Nest Hub Max. 

We’re very happy to have seen such great results. Congrats to all participants! 

Finally, read more about the apps developed at the 6.0 edition of our workshop in our next article!

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