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A Decade of Apps

We are celebrating 10 years of Cobalt Sign this month! 🎉

Some of you may know Cobalt Sign from a product we have built together, some of you know us from a pro-bono project we created for a good cause, some of you from Hello App or an internship, a local event, or maybe from our app “Ready Set Holiday!”.

Arthur and I founded Cobalt Sign in 2011 with a belief that “the future is mobile” and an aim to create amazing applications, that people love to use. It was the early years of mobile development, with small screens – 4″ being the norm, fewer guidelines and limited OS functionalities. Since then, we’ve created many apps for our clients, we’ve started a few products of our own, most of which failed, but we’ve learned a lot in the process and we’ve had the chance to meet amazing people along the way. And ten years later, we can safely say that we were on the right track, mobile apps are ubiquitous and we still enjoy precise engineering and carefully crafted user experience designs.

Today, we’re proud of “Ready Set Holiday!” and of our portfolio.

Time to Celebrate

We are celebrating ten years of teamwork, learning, growing and having fun together, ten years of building products with our clients, ten years of being part of the community, as a local business in Timisoara, partnerships with universities and ten years of giving back, with our pro-bono initiative and our summer course, Hello App.

No individual can take the credit of all those years of success. Celebrating a ten-year anniversary milestone is a big achievement in itself and it is a celebration for all who have been a part of the company through all these years. I believe it is important to take some time to reflect and to appreciate this. I know that my team has accomplished a lot over the last decade, including mentoring kids to learn app development, constantly learning and mastering new technologies in an ever evolving app ecosystem as well as hitting a 2 million users milestone.

Always Learning

Every day we are continuing to learn and evolve, both personally and professionally.

Starting your own business makes you realise you literally don’t know what you don’t know. It’s easy to head off into the entrepreneurial world, but it takes strength and determination to keep a company running and guiding it to profitability, through good times and especially tough ones (or unexpected ones like this pandemic).

As a founder, you learn a lot about how to lead teams and drive progress and the best way to put those lessons into action is to step back and think about moving forward and how you can use your hard-won wisdom to keep getting better.

10 Lessons Learned

– Good business is about good relationships.
– Be kind.
– Get comfortable walking a tightrope.
– Worrying about it won’t get the job done.
– Fresh air helps with creative thinking.
– Build stuff that people like.
– Compete against yourself.
– Learn what you do best. Repeat.
– Focus.
– Simplify.

Happy Anniversary!

My sincere Thank You to all of you – the Cobalt Signers, our partners, customers and mentors for the past 10 years.  I am looking forward to again celebrating all we’ve accomplished together next year.
The gift box from Piata 9 makes a great anniversary gift idea, the products were absolutely delicious.