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Learn to Develop Mobile Apps During Hello App 6.0

Between the 12th and 26th of October, we will be organising a new edition of our free app development workshop for students, Hello App 6.0.

If you are a student in Timișoara, between 16 and 20 years old, you can sign up for our course and learn to develop an Android app. We will select 16 participants, who will work in teams to design and develop an app of their choice.

During the workshop, you will be focusing on developing an Android app in Kotlin – the primary language for Android app development. At Hello App 6.0, we will present all the necessary programs/tools you will need and will set you up to get started.

We will organise 7 sessions during these two weeks where we will guide you and help you develop the apps you had in mind. Our app development sessions are designed to encourage you to learn as much as possible during every meeting. Each team has 2 mentors who guide you throughout the workshop and will help you work through any issues you encounter.

However, we encourage you to invest time outside of the workshop hours to see significant progress. During the workshops, you will gather lots of information but you will need more time to test out a few ideas and implement the best options for your app.

Hello App 6.0

App Development Workshop

Free workshop

Android apps

12 - 26 October

Sounds like a good way to improve your skills?

Fill out the Form Until the 23rd of September and Learn to Develop an App 👇

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