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OSUT, a student organization from our hometown asked Oana and me to join this year’s IT Fest. We gladly accepted and started work on our hands-on labs.

IT Fest started for us today with me talking about ASP.NET MVC to students mostly from the “West University” of Timisoara and one high school student I’m aware of. We’ve had a pretty hard time installing all the necessary tools but in the end, everyone got more than a glimpse at the features of the web MVC platform from Microsoft.

This is the actual PowerPoint presentation (in Romanian) we used to present the ASP.NET MVC today:

I will attach the source code asap.

In order to use the code you should:

  • Restore the provided database dump or run the given script.
  • Change the database connection string in the web.config file (or leave it untouched if you installed SQL Server as SQLEXPRESS instance).
  • Open up the solution with Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer.
  • Hit F5! (and run the code)