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Celebrating the New Office

Recently, we moved into a new office – a beautiful apartment in a historic building, right in the city centre. On the first day at the new office we popped a champagne bottle and inaugurated the “ballroom” with a Viennese Waltz lesson by our co-founders Oana & Arthur.

A Brief History

Cobalt Sign - office building

The building dates back to the late 19th – early 20th century when the city was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Timisoara’s current city center was build during this period, so this Baroque style makes the city’s architecture very similar to Vienna’s. This is how Timisoara got dubbed “Little Vienna”.

The apartment we’ve moved in is very spacious and filled with light. Its highlight is the “ballroom”, a must have at the time the building was constructed. Traditionally, balls were held in private residences. Households in high-society had a special room where ballroom dances were performed during celebrations, such as the Viennese Waltz.

We talked a bit about the city’s history and about the Viennese waltz history.

Cobalt-Sign celebrating our new office
Cobalt-Sign celebrating our new office

The Ballroom and Viennese Waltz

After raising a glass of champagne to celebrate, we put some music on and listened to some classical Strauss waltzes and also to more modern waltzes, like Ed Sheeran songs or the Game of Thrones theme.

Oana & Arthur showed us the base steps and we started learning them and practising a little with music. The atmosphere we created was really nice, it gave us the chance to enjoy the spacious ballroom before we transformed it into our main working space.

Cobalt-Sign celebrating our new office
Cobalt Sign celebrating our new office

Oana & Arthur then showed us a quick Viennese waltz demo, they both like to dance and have practiced professional dancesport for several years, at young ages. Moreover, that was the place where they first met.

We enjoyed the unexpected “workout” and office inauguration, considering the history and style of the building.

Cobalt Sign celebrating our new office
Cobalt-Sign celebrating our new office

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