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How Was the “Clean Architecture in iOS & Android” Workshop?

Recently, our team went to Cluj to participate at the “Clean Architecture in iOS & Android” workshop held by Jorge D. Ortiz Fuentes. Jorge is the founder of Canonical Examples, an experienced developer and instructor, teaching many iOS & Android boot camps in the USA and Europe.

The two-day hands-on training took place on the 18th and 19th of January. It was a deep dive into advanced architecture, design patterns, concurrency, network API consumption and more. The participants had the chance to apply all these concepts on actual projects to improve an initial code and implement new requirements.

Each participant chose iOS or Android to code on, and important practices, tips & tricks in mobile development were discussed along the way. These covered writing clean and reusable code, efficient project collaborations, well organised PoCs and writing more framework-independent applications.


Workshop Day 1

Concepts, Design Patterns, Implementation Rules, Applied Exercise 

“In the first day, we started with the basic patterns: MVC, MVP and MVVM. As an exercise, we modified an app from MVC to MVP and also had an overview of the SOLID principles. We started coding an app using Clean Architecture.”

Workshop Day 2

Review of the Exercise, Second User Story, Navigation, Value Types, Immutables

“The second day was full of coding. We added a new user story to the app, implemented navigation and discussed the possible future development of the app.”

“The mentor was great, the explanations were very detailed for every platform, Android and iOS. The main idea of the Clean Architecture really makes sense since the mobile apps are becoming more complex, this will definitely help us in the long run.”

Clean Architecture
Cobalt Sign - Clean Architecture in iOS & Android 3
Clean architecture

Stay tuned for our future Cobalt Matters sessions where we will present and discuss some of these concepts and more. We will post on the blog and also share on social media.

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