[Cobalt Matters] Online Session

Discussing Tips for Remote Working

This [Cobalt Matters] session was a bit different compared to our usual office gatherings on Fridays during which we discuss various topics along with fresh fruits and a cup of tea. Starting from the middle of March, we’ve been all working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage everybody to try to work from home – if possible – and keep your social interactions to minimal.

During this time, we have the opportunity to test out remote working with the whole team. We take this as a challenge to improve the way we work together and communicate.

Until now, some of us have already worked remotely for longer periods of time, a few months or even more, but others just recently started trying it out.

Since it’s better for everyone to be working from home during this time, we decided to organize one of our [Cobalt Matters] sessions online. We gathered our advice about how to get organized for remote work & how to keep it fun for the team.

Check it out below! 👇

[Cobalt Matters] Advice for Remote Working

Here Are Our Takeaways on Remote Working

  • Get up & get ready → it is important to have a morning routine and to get “ready for work”. We recommend using the The Fabulous app for setting up morning routines & sticking to them.
  • Stick to a schedule → establish a schedule to make sure you stick to work. This also helps your colleagues know when to get in touch with you. For example, we highlight our weekly schedule on our Google Calendar.
  • You home set-up is important → it helps if you have a work space. Try to set up your work corner and stick to working from an office (if you can) to be productive. Have some headphones nearby, in case you have a meeting. You home set-up doesn’t have to be the same as your work desk but make sure you have the basics. Get inspired here & set up your own small home office. 🙌
  • Keep an eye out on your tools → getting in touch is with your colleagues isn’t the same, you can’t just walk up to their desk anymore. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on the tools you use. And enable important notifications to stay up to date with the latest updates & changes.
  • Keep in touch → make sure you reply to threads and always share your opinion on the matters that impact you. It helps if you indicate your status on your work chat so that people know when they can interrupt you. For example, we use Slack, we enable mentions and notifications from important channels & we always try to give an answer as soon as somebody writes. Even if we can’t reply at that moment, we indicate it.
  • Schedule meetings → for important discussions organize meetings to ensure that everybody is up to date with the latest information. Keep in touch with your team, involve every member in the discussions and have some fun together.
  • If it weren’t for the current situation, we’d encourage you to schedule as many activities you can outside of work. It is important to keep up with friends, be active and engage in social activities. Until the situation gets better, schedule online meetings with friends & family to keep in touch and try to do some exercises at home. You can easily fit exercises in your schedule using the 7 Minute Workout app (iOS & Android). Here is a list of museums that offer virtual tours. Also, until March 31 you can get free access to all the concerts and films available in the Digital Concert Hall of the Berlin Philharmonic. Enjoy! 😉

These are all our ideas and advice for remote working. So far, we’ve had a good experience and we hope everything goes well with our entire team working from home as well. Considering we already have some experience and that all the tools we have can be used while working from home, we are confident.

As remote working is much more accessible today, it will help us get through this time. In the meantime, get your information from official sources, follow the advice of the authorities and stay safe!

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