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 Cobalt Sign Christmas pow-wow

Each year we celebrate Cobalt Sign Christmas by organizing a nice evening, where we can have fun as a team and remind ourselves that this is the most wonderful time of the year! This week, we had our  Christmas event, where we had a really good time. See below how we spent the evening!

Cobalt Santa came early this year, and he brought us awesome presents. 🎁

Cobalt Sign Christmas - Cobalt Thank You

We started the “party” at the Timișoara Exit Games. We tried out the newest rooms: Mr. Bean’s apartment and Tesla’s Laboratory. It was a lot of fun, we had to work in teams and solve various quests to manage to get out of the rooms. We won’t tell you more, you’ll have to solve the puzzles yourself if you go, but you can read the storyline below.

Cobalt Sign Christmas - escape room - mr bean

Mr. Bean’s apartment (Photo from

Cobalt Sign Christmas - escape room - tesla laboratory

Tesla’s laboratory (Photo from

After we escaped the rooms, we had a “proper” dinner. We went to a place, where you can find the best burgers in the county. They were, indeed, very good. 🍔

Cobalt Sign Christmas dinnerAs you might have already noticed we love to play games, so after dinner, we went to play pool. Most of us don’t know to play well, but we had a great time. You can also see how we handle things as a team, pool included. 👌

Cobalt Sign Christmas pool

The cobalt signers. 😁
Cobalt Sign Christmas group photo


About us

Here at Cobalt Sign, we are developing and designing mobile apps for the three major mobile Platforms: iOS, Android and Windows. We are a team of 7 tech savvies, constantly improving ourselves by reading the latest stories and implementing the newest technologies to bring to life our customers great projects.

Stay tuned for more stories about us, the cobalt signers, and the things we do! 😄 Merry Christmas!