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Cobalt Sign Team Building – Berlin experience

For this year’s team building we organized a getaway in the amazing city of Berlin. We had a good time wandering around the city and finding out more about its rich history. 🙂

year in review

First day in Berlin

The first day of our team building in Berlin was full of events. After breakfast, we gathered to plan the day while drinking a cup of flavored coffee & tea. When we decided on the landmarks we wanted to visit on the first day we’ve put them on a map and headed to the U-Bahn station to start exploring Berlin.

Cobalt Sign Team Building 2017

Our first stop was at Checkpoint Charlie, the crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War. We took a look at the checkpoint and spent some time reading the memorials around it. 

Next on our map was Alexanderplatz, where two major attractions lay: the Weltzeituhr and the TV Tower. The Weltzeituhr is a world clock which shows the time from 24 time zones. The TV Tower is well-known for its impressive viewing gallery & restaurant placed above 203 m. 

Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -9

We enjoyed a coffee at Berlin’s cozy Einstein Cafe and then headed to taste the local currywurst with fries, a specific tasty dish in Germany.

After lunch, we walked around Berlin-Mitte and spent some time in the complex where we tasted local beer.

Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -19

Museum island was the next landmark we were planning to see. The Spree River banks were full of people sitting near the river and relaxing.

We arrived at Amrit, a restaurant with delicious Indian food. We really enjoyed our time here, the food & restaurant’s decor was impressive and we had an amazing time telling jokes and laughing a lot.

Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -29
Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -38
Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -39

We stopped shortly at Brandenburg Gate and then we headed home, where we played Cards Against Humanity. We really enjoyed the game and had some good laughs.

Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -44

The second day of sightseeing

On the second day, we gathered again in the living room to plan the day ahead.

We first took off to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial, a beautiful church from the 1890s and then to Berliner Siegessaule (The Victory Column), a commemoration of the victory in the Danish – Prussian War. We walked up to the 67 m column and admired the beautiful view around the Siegessaule.

Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -50

After walking around the Tiergarten, we stopped at a cafe to recharge our energy. The Bellevue Palace was close so we headed to the official residence of the President.

Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -51

At Potsdamer Platz, we went to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews and then to the Reichstag Building. We went up to the glass dome, enjoyed a tour and a panoramic view of the city. We had audio guides and found out lots of interesting information about Berlin and its landmarks.

Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -60
Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -75
Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -64
Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -71
Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -67

For dinner, we tried out American burgers and milkshakes from The Sixties restaurant. The place is located in a courtyard complex in the middle of Berlin, called Hackesche Hofe. It has specific American retro decor with jukeboxes and red couches.

Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -76

The last day of our team building

Before we went to the airport we headed to the East Wall Memorial to admire the colorful paintings on the wall of Berlin.

Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -83
Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -81

Lastly, we ate at Burgermeister, an iconic local place where they serve amazing burgers and fries. It’s under the trail tracks of the U-Bahn, in a very small booth.

Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -86
Cobalt Sign Teambuilding Berlin -87