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Our team will develop a pro bono app for an NGO worldwide. An app can help present the NGO’s mission, promote its events and share the accomplishments with the world.

Cobalt Sign will design, build and publish a mobile app for one selected NGO during the 2 months summer internship. The interns will be working on creating the iOS & Android apps under the guidance of our team of experienced app developers.

We always focus on building high-quality, modern apps based on the needs of every organization and according to its brand guidelines. You can read more about the app we developed last year during the internship program here and you can also take a look at the screenshots below. 

Would your organization benefit from an app? Fill out the form and give us as many details as you can about the app you need.

PLAI is a multicultural festival taking place in Timişoara every year. The festival is organized 100% by volunteers and it aims to bring together different cultures for a few days. We first developed the PLAI Festival apps in 2013 and since then we’ve been updating them with new features and festival info with every new edition.

Last year, during the internship program, our interns and us, worked on the PLAI Festival apps and rewrote the iOS and Android apps in React Native & Firebase. We updated the apps with new functionalities and a fresh UI/UX design.

Since 2012 we are developing pro bono apps for NGOs, and this year, for the summer internship program, we decided to take on international projects. Contributing to the community is important to us and we want to help organizations with what we do best: apps.

Here at Cobalt Sign, we are building apps on iOS and Android for the last 8 years. We love apps and everything related and we want to share our passion with the world and this will be a great opportunity for us to meet new people, for our interns to be involved in significant projects and for all of us to pay it forward.

The cost of software development – as you can read in this informative article on Design Rush- can be a major roadblock for many NGOs, especially local & community oriented / grassroot ones, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for this once-a-year offer.

During the years we have been published several apps for events happening in Timisoara, Romania and we’ve been busy organizing Hello App → a free app development workshop for students. We even dedicated an edition of the workshop to helping organizations from our hometown with their own apps.

We are excited to start working on this project. We believe it will be helpful both for the organization and the interns. The organization will have an app with all the useful info in it. The interns will be working on a significant project and will learn app development from experienced mentors.