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We are happy to join Liga AC LABS this year and we invite you to discover the world of mobile app development through our Flutter lab called:

Flutter Away

You will learn to create a mobile app for iOS & Android using Flutter.
Each of you will create your own app with a theme of your choice, no templated apps. You will first learn the basics of app development in Flutter, then learn to consume an API and display data (you will choose a public API that best fits your app idea) and learn to use Firebase to authenticate users. Gradually towards the end of this Flutter lab, you will have the opportunity to add more and more advanced functionalities and to customize your app even more.
During each session, mentors from Cobalt Sign will present one topic and will be there to assist you while coding and also help answer your questions.
The topics we will cover in this Flutter lab
  • Intro in Dart & Flutter
  • Project structure, code versioning, GitHub
  • UI: widgets and layouts, cross platform rendering
  • Navigation, data persistency
  • State Management
  • Working with REST APIs, Postman
  • Networking, async programming
  • Firebase and authentication
  • DeepDive: push notifications, animation, custom features, NoSQL, Firebase Realtime Database vs. Cloud Firestore, Cloud Storage
  • Flutter Talks: mobile / web / desktop / games & what’s next
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Learn to build your first app in Flutter

Application deadline is March, 6th.

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