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Mobile Summer 1.0

Mobile Summer 1.0 is a mobile app development course for students. We started this course so high school students can learn to develop mobile apps for free. This first edition was organized together with Colegiul National “C . D. Loga”, one of the top colleges in town.

We spent six mornings together, in three weeks, and started to learn about Visual Studio, C# and the Windows Phone platform.

During the first meeting, we set our expectations and goals, organized the work in Trello and discussed app ideas to implement. After deciding on 7 very cool app ideas, teams of one or two students were established.

mobile summer 1.0

About the schedule and main discussion subjects

  1. Ideas, teams, tools
  2. UI/UX design
  3. Application structure, layouts, navigation
  4. C# and OOP, MVVM pattern
  5. Controls, styles
  6. Final polish and presentation

The teams discussed their app idea in detail and made sketches for each screen. The first introduction to Windows Phone development was a small and simple app, just to get to know the development environment and the emulator. Afterwards each team started work on their own app. One of the teams was more into games so they created a small game in Unity.

mobile summer 1.0

Five apps made it to the end of the summer course and at the final edition we deployed all the apps to the Nokia Lumia and each team presented their app.

You can see the awesome apps created by the students below: from left to right: the app for ping-pong professionals, the  “C. D. Loga” College app, the app for organizing your movie collections, the app for never missing events in Timisoara, and the platformer game.


Mobile Summer 1.0 Apps

And the diplomas for the students who completed the course

Mobile Summer 1.0

Next year, Mobile Summer 2.0!

Check out our Facebook Page to see news about the course. We will be posting useful materials about mobile app development.