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Once again we here at Cobalt Sign feel very honored to get invited by AIESEC to this year’s ReBranders workshop.

ReBranders is an event with many international students from countries like Canada, China, Russia, The Ukraine, Croatia and many other countries from the European Union. It takes place between July 23 and September 20, during which period the participants will create promotional materials, picture blogs, leaflets and many more regarding Timisoara’s main points of historical and cultural interest.

Full-House at today’s hands-on lab, I talked about the following HTML5 goodies:

  • New Semantic Markups (tags, attributes, selectors)
  • Multimedia (audio, video)
  • Lots of CSS3 great features
  • Graphics (canvas, svg)
  • Storage (local storage, session storage, sql, application cache)
  • Geolocation
  • Communication (web sockets)

I’ve received a press release of this event from the team at AIESEC Timisoara and attached it to this post.
Here are also some pictures of the pictures Arthur took at this event:

html5 training
html5 training
html5 training