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App Development Internship 2023

We organise iOS/Android app development internship programs for students from technical universities.

Send us your CV by May 15th to apply for the Summer Internship Program.

Internship 2023

iOS/Android App Development using Flutter

Are you a student looking for a challenge? Do you like to code, are you keen on having an app developed by yourself?

We are organising an app development internship which will take place between July and September.

We are working remote or at the office, however we like, and the internship will be the same. We will get together to kickoff the project, meet each other and enjoy some pizza and drinks.

Read on and apply if this is you.

iOS/Android app development internship


We’ll organize one team of students to work together on creating the app, using Flutter.

You will get the app brief, technical requirements and design guidelines from us and will be guided by mentors from our team.

Tools you will use: VS Code / Android Studio, GitHub, Slack, Basecamp.

The App

We’re still deciding on this one but…

We usually partner with NGOs that resonate with us and contribute by creating apps for them. This is only one of our ways to pay it forward and give back to our community and the causes we believe in. It’s only fair that unpaid internships should not be taken advantage of, so we use this time & effort to help them achieve their mission.

We are thinking of including cool features like real time data, push notifications, AR, machine learning.

Apply Today

If you’re up for a challenge, apply to our 2023 summer internship program to learn app development from our experienced team and build an app that makes a positive change in the world.

What Our Interns Are Saying

A pretty valuable thing that we learned was working on GitHub in that project-based team structure where we were doing code reviews and things like that. Submitting code reviews, having them approved and asking credits - that’s something I know that in the future, in my job, I will probably have to do. So that was super helpful.

Jacob (California, US)Intern - iOS Developer

The ups: I think it was very good using Basecamp. A couple of downs using Basecamp: it was pretty hard with the Campfire feature. I think if we would have used Slack, it would have been easier. But I think Basecamp was very good for organizing everything including time zones and everything. I think it worked out very well.

Adam (Israel)Intern - iOS Developer

I learned Kotlin - this was completely new for me, we haven’t had Android classes at the university so I started from the basics. What I learned was very useful and I’m already thinking about developing an Android app for my thesis.

Radu (Timișoara, Romania)Intern - Android Developer

The main expectation was to try to get into an environment of actually not an internship but more like an actual work environment. Like, I’m working at a job, using Basecamp and talking to people at meetings.

Adam (Israel)Intern - iOS Developer

I had the opportunity to see how it is to work in a team.
It was interesting, especially now that the app is published on the Play Store.

Radu (Timișoara, Romania)Intern - Android Developer

I liked the idea of working with an NGO because it shows you kind of what it’s like to work with a client as well.

Jacob (California, US)Intern - iOS Developer

at Cobalt Sign

  • we love apps,
  • we enjoy programming,
  • we aim to create pixel-perfect designs,
  • we put people first,
  • we take pride in our app “Ready Set Holiday!” with over 2 million downloads. 🎊
iOS/Android app development internship
Design and Style Constants in iOS vs. Android
iOS/Android app development internship
iOS/Android app development internship
iOS/Android app development internship

Summer Internship 2020

iOS/Android App Development

More than 226 students applied to our 4 internship openings! Thank you to all who applied, we’re glad we can create opportunities that you consider valuable. 

Congrats to Valentina, Davor, Iulian, & Vlad who joined us for the 2020 internship between July and September. 🎊

During our internships, we focus on teaching students to develop iOS & Android apps. We partner with NGOs that resonate with us and contribute by creating apps for them.

Follow us and stay tuned for future opportunities! If you’re interested in our internship programs, you can send us your CV.

iOS/Android app development internship 2020

Apps Developed Lately


Internship 2019: The UK Sepsis Trust App

Our interns from summer 2019 were Radu from Polytechnic University in Timisoara, Adam from Israel and Jacob from California, USA.

During this iOS/Android app development internship program, we developed a pro-bono native app for the British NGO UK Sepsis Trust. The app is a quick and easy to use tool to help early diagnosis, raising awareness for sepsis and finding local support.

Radu worked on the Android app in Kotlin while Adam and Jacob worked remotely on the iOS app in Swift. Together with the mentors from Cobalt Sign, they implemented the custom UI design, the desired functionalities and the Google Firebase backend so that we published the app in time for the International Sepsis Day in September.

Read More About the 2019 Internship
iOS/Android app development internship - Sepsis App
Pro bono app development Internship experience @ Cobalt Sign
iOS/Android app development internship - PLAI Festival app
iOS/Android app development internship - PLAI Festival app

Internship 2018: PLAI Festival Apps

We first developed the iPhone & Android app for PLAI Festival in 2013 as part of our pro-bono initiative. Since then, we updated it each year to include new design elements and to fit the event’s schedule requirements.

In 2018, during the internship program, our interns Ágota and Marius took on a big challenge: to completely redo the app in React Native. Using a custom fresh UI/UX design, a Google Firebase backend and help from the mentors, the app was ready in time for the festival in September.

Read More About the 2018 Internship

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