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WOWZAPP Conference - Cobalt Sign

WOWZAPP intends to be the world’s largest hackathon, held in more than 50 Countries and over 100 cities – from Moscow to Bucharest, India and the US. Microsoft WOWZAPP means building apps for the next generation of Windows in 48 hours of coding fun. 🙂

The timing has been well chosen because just 10 days ago the /build conference ended and provided new demos and SDKs.

Conferences - Cobalt Sign
Conference Talks - Cobalt Sign

This is the hashtag and location we have been tweeting with.
First I would like to talk about the venue and show you some pictures of it.

The HUB Bucharest has been an amazing place to be. With lots of space, a “wow” interior design and a very friendly and helpful staff, it is one of the best places we’ve been writing code or drinking coffee in. 🙂

WOWZAPP has been a great experience for both Oana and myself and I would like to share it.

After the HOW TO WEB conference, we’ve attended the hackathon. Luckily we’ve been at the hub 2 days before, at the Evernote Meetup with Phil Libin where we also took a picture of this beautiful Evernote origami:

Conference Talks - Cobalt Sign

Arriving at the HUB on Friday evening, we’ve been amazed how many participants showed up at the event; we barely found a place to stay, but we managed to find one in the end and stayed through the opening ceremony. Afterwards, we could take a look at the new Windows 8 tablets, “transformers” and ultrabooks.

Later on, we grabbed a table and made ourselves comfortable by installing all our necessary coding gear – 2 PCs – 😉

Conferences - Cobalt Sign

“All set and ready to go.”

We as Cobalt Sign started developing a weight tracking app but soon figured that we should split up the work and start coding on an older draft of an app – a Tea Timer for Windows Phone. I was in charge of the tea timer while Oana was designing and coding Window 8.

Day #2

At day 2 in the morning people transformed into “zombies” – some didn’t get any sleep while working enthusiastically on their great app idea. But one way or another everyone still got some sleep sometime that day.

Most of the teams developed apps for Windows 8 but there have been some who’ve done Windows Phone development. Cool!

XAML/C# have been the preferred languages but some tried the new HTML5/JS coding method.

What matters is the end result and not the tech used.

Here some pics from the coding sessions:

More than 35 teams and over 150 participants – now this is what I call a real hackathon! 😉

People have been drinking over 400 energizers and more than 2000 litres of drinks & water, according to ProTV.

We are glad to be one of the winning teams at this hackathon and even more excited to bring our prize – the XBOX + Kinect to our office and have some fun!

Conferences - Cobalt Sign

Every participant received a zombie WOWZAPP T-Shirt and a cool wristband USB stick.


You can take a look at all the pictures from WOWZAPP @THE HUB –