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Apps and awards – the 3rd edition of Mobile Summer

Mobile Summer 3.0 is officially over. During the event, 16 students divided into 8 teams and built Android apps which they presented on Sunday and the best three apps received cool prizes.

We awarded scores for teamwork, functionality, design and utility, but also some bonus points were available for hard working teams.
Mobile Summer 6- apps and awards7 out of 8 apps made it to the Play Store in time for the final presentations on Sunday. Check them out!

playstore Mobile Summer - apps and awards

These are the apps developed at Mobile Summer 3.0:

  • Agora – the app which encourages users to chat about topics on their interests. You have to log in with your Google account for using it, and you can also invite your friends to chat with you.
  • BakeAholic – an app with cookie and sweets recipes. It helps you with all the ingredients and steps for completing your cake.
  • BRAIN MASTER – the quiz which dares you to become a brain master. You can play it by tapping on the right answer or by using the voice feature and saying out loud the answer.
  • Car Reminder – this app helps you keep in mind all your car bills and their deadlines.
  • Reto – the app which dares you to do different challenges. Once you log in with your Facebook account the challenges will appear. You also have to demonstrate that you completed the challenge with a picture.
  • rOOMIFY – the interior design app, which helps you to choose the perfect textures and colors for your room.
  • Squad – a quiz app with questions from various domains.
  • TuristRO – this app helps you decide where to go on a holiday in Romania. It has various locations based on your holiday preferences. You can also see location ratings and search for hotels directly from the app.

brainmaster_1 Mobile Summer - apps and awardsAgora_1 Mobile Summer - apps and awardsreto Mobile Summer - apps and awardsSquad_1 Mobile Summer - apps and awardsBakeaholic_1 Mobile Summer - apps and awardscarreminder_2 Mobile Summer - apps and awardsturistro_1 Mobile Summer - apps and awards

roomify_2 Mobile Summer - apps and awards













The winners are:

First prize – Reto

Mobile Summer 5 - apps and awards

Second prize – Agora

Mobile Summer 4 - apps and awards

Third prize – BRAIN MASTER

Mobile Summer 3- apps and awards

Mobile Summer 2 - apps and awards
Mobile Summer - apps and awards

Congrats to all the participants for their accomplishments!