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Mobile Summer: App Development Workshop

Since 2014 we are creating a free mobile app development course for programming savvy students from Timișoara called Mobile Summer. It all started as a way to share our passion and to give back to the community. Through this course, students can learn mobile development basics and implement their own app ideas, all in a friendly and cozy environment and with the guidance of the Cobalt Sign team as mentors.

This year we are organising the 4.0 edition and want to take it to a next level. We aim to create 3 apps for our city, Timișoara and local NGOs, apps that people and tourists may find useful. The course will take place at AMBASADA, organised as 5 morning sessions, from June 24th to July 1st.

For Students

If you are a high-school student interested in programming, this is a good chance for you to experience teamwork and programming in a real-life scenario.

If you are studying Software Engineering or related fields at a local university, this is a good change to improve your mobile app development skills or to get a taste of this domain.

Sign up for Mobile Summer and let’s create apps for Timisoara together.

Sign up for Mobile Summer 4.0

For NGOs and City Projects

We want to contribute to our city and to achieve as much as we can through Mobile Summer so if you are representing an organization or project from Timișoara with ecological, cultural or artistic activities don’t hesitate to contact us. Fill in our form to help us understand the app you need and we’ll contact you.

We are happy to help and to hear your ideas!

I need a mobile app!