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Apps for NGOs at Mobile Summer 4.0

Mobile Summer 4.0 has changed its format, the 4.0 edition brings a little more for our community. We started developing apps for our city, Timișoara so that we could contribute to our community and motivate the participants to get involved in bigger projects.

We teamed up with 3 local NGOs: Alergotura, FITT Timișoara & Asociația Plai and developed 3 apps for them using React Native, which enables us to build native apps for both iOS and Android. All three apps focus on various events happening in Timișoara, each with its own scope & purpose.

Starting point: sample app template, database and repos

Before beginning Mobile Summer, we crafted a template app, for the participants so that they could have a solid start and sample pages to work on during the workshop. This also included a Firebase database with some sample events, a GitHub repo and Trello board for organizing all tasks and teamwork, for each of the projects. All 3 apps consist of similar content screens: home, an events list, a screen with details for each event and information pages: about the NGO & about the app and Mobile Summer.


The Alergotura app was developed for the Alergotura Association, whose mission is to promote an active lifestyle. They have numerous events such as running shifts in lots of neighborhoods from the city but also running competitions.

The app developed by team Alergotura from Mobile Summer contains information about the organization, about our course, but most importantly, you can find news about each event organized by Alergotura.

Team Alergotura developers: Căpraru Claudiu, Militaru Mihai-Adrian, Vîț Ana-Maria and Yüzgülen Begüm.

Mentors: Roxana & Alex.

Mobile Summer apps---alergotura---eveniment-1[1]
Mobile Summer apps---alergotura---despre-alergotura[1]
Mobile Summer apps---alergotura---evenimente[1]
Mobile Summer apps ---alergotura---home[1]
Mobile Summer apps---timevents-2020---despre-fitt[1]
Mobile Summer apps---timevents-2020---despre-MS[1]
Mobile Summer apps---timevents-2020---eveniment-1[1]
Mobile Summer apps---timevents-2020---despre-tm-2020[1]

TIMEvents 2020

TIMEvents 2020 was developed for the organizing team of Timișoara for European Youth Capital 2020. Through the app, FITT Timișoara wants to encourage the people of Timișoara to participate at the events taking place in the city.

The app has a list of events taking place in the city, but as all the app contains information about the FITT Timișoara organization, the title for the European Youth Capital 2020 and Mobile Summer.

Team FITT developers: Biriescu Larisa, Brașoveanu Cosmin, Codău Fabian-Valentin, Sulea Călin and Trif Iulian.

Mentors: Marco & Adi.


inTimișoara was developed for the Plai Association, which is both involved and organizing cultural events in Timișoara, such as the Plai Festival or the Jazz Festival. The app’s purpose is to promote cultural events from Timișoara and to encourage the community to participate at these.

inTimișoara contains 3 pages as also, an events page, where are listed all the cultural events taking place around Timișoara, an about page where you can find information about Plai and a page about Mobile Summer.

Plai team developers: Albu Alexandra, Bisioc Paul-Robert, Rus Mărioara and Turmac Tiberiu-Robert.

Mentors: Dani & Halil.

Mobile Summer apps---plai---despre-plai[1]
Mobile Summer apps---plai---despre-MS[1]
Mobile Summer apps---plai---eveniment1[1]
Mobile Summer apps---plai---evenimente[1]

Soon on the app stores

We will publish the apps on the stores soon, but first we’ll continue to add a few functionalities and to polish the apps & prepare them for submission.

During our internship programs students will have the chance to improve their development skills on these projects, so this month we plan to add some filtering for the events, review the content, UI final touches, implement push notifications and test the apps thoroughly. Afterwards we’ll publish them, so stay tuned for news about them.

Lots of pictures, about the teams, the NGOs, organizing Mobile Summer 4.0 and daily progress

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