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Mobile Summer → Hello App

We are happy to announce we have rebranded Mobile Summer into Hello App.

The event will have a new name and fresh look but will maintain the same focus: apps. We will continue to organise courses and workshops for students, where they can learn to create apps, starting from an idea to publishing. 

Hello App Logo

Hello App is more modern and fresh and better describes the overall mission: sharing our knowledge about apps. The new name will also allow us to organise different types of events, for example workshops, meetups or coding sessions, all focused on apps. Not only that, but we can choose to focus some of these sessions on certain aspects of creating an app, such as UI/UX, development, marketing etc.

With Hello App, we will be able to organise sessions at any time of the year, not just during the summer months when most exams and holidays occur. 

We love the design Sorin created for our new Cobalt Sign logo, so we asked for his help this time, too. Cobalt blue is our favourite colour and we wanted to include it in a modern and bold look for Hello App, as well. We love the result, the colour palette and the style overall and we are eager to share more news about the following events.

Stay tuned!

Hello App Event Versions Colours

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