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Mobile Summer 2.0 – second edition of our app development course

For the second edition of our course, Mobile Summer, we created a new website. Check it out:!

Mobile summer - course website preview

You can also follow us on Mobile Summer’s Facebook Page to see all the news, photos and activities.

Between the 17th and the 29th of August took place Mobile Summer 2.0. 15 students from various high-schools in Timișoara applied in order to learn how to develop mobile apps on Android.


Mobile summer - course - presentation

For two weeks we met every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, in Ambasada, and worked on our awesome apps.

Mobile summer - courseday one Mobile summer - course

At the first meeting, we talked about the schedule. Also, we made the teams and had a brainstorming on mobile app ideas. Finally, we’ve put our expectations from this course on paper, so we could compare them to the results.

Mobile summer - course

Mobile summer - course expectations

On the second day of the course, we had an introduction in Android Studio. After this, we made the first sketches of the apps.

Mobile summer - course presentation

Mobile summer - course sketches

During the course, the teams worked with the help of the mentors: Roxana, Alex and Cristi.

Mobile summer - course

Stay tuned for more details about the course.

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