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//warning: lots of pictures

Participating at the Mobile World Congress is a great experience, the perfect place to test new devices and technologies and to meet interesting people from all over the world.

This years’s edition was almost too big with an estimate of 70 000 attendees and the 4 days seemed insufficient to do all the planned things.
But of course a very helpful tool is the MyMWC web platform and official app where all the information is available together with the personalized agenda, networking and social components.


This year a new, larger location was chosen for MWC, the Fira Gran Via which is double the size of the last year’s venue.
The new location was impressive with it’s great features: 240,000 square meters under one roof, 49 dinning spaces, 8 outdoor networking gardens, 20 dedicated bus routes and an upper walkway for faster access which also included moving sidewalks.

mobile world congress 2013
mobile world congress 2013-2

To get from the South to the North Entrance they estimated a 16 minutes walk, considering the use of the moving walkways.
To get a glimpse of the new location here is the orientation link.


The Exhibition, Conferences and Seminars were distributed among the 8 halls.

exhibition mobile world congress
Samsung booth seen from the upper walkway.
samsung galaxy mobile world congress
Very crowded (below the upper walkway)
samsung galaxy

Some of the big companies

mobile world congress

… and some smaller ones

Catalunia was very well represented by a lot of IT companies and start-ups.

Seminars and Featured Programs Theatres

seminars - mobile world congress

Here is an interactive map from the event’s website.

The Networking Gardens and Lounges

The networking experience was very pleasant and relaxing in the specially designed outdoor areas.
Two were located on the lower level and the rest were along the Upper Walkway. Each garden was thematically decorated and named: Mediterranean, Water, Wood, Greens, Slate, Tin, Brick and Glass Networking Garden.

The Networking Gardens and Lounges-1
More information here.

Along with these outdoor gardens, there were numerous indoor Networking Lounges.
The Networking Gardens and Lounges-3
The Networking Gardens and Lounges-4


Romania had a very welcoming booth with exhibitor companies including QualTeh, Appscend and AllView.
mobile world congress-Romania
mobile world congress-Romania-2


One of the most comfortable booths was Nokia’s with plenty of room to test the new devices and technologies and to enjoy some drinks and chocolate or to recharge your batteries on the Fatboy(s).

mobile world congress-Nokia

Very welcoming design.
Nokia design
Resting on the Fatboys.
mobile congress 2013
exhibition mobile congress 2013

Live 3D printing

Nokia had a special corner where they demonstrated 3D printing of phone covers for Lumia phones.
exhibition Nokia

New devices

The Lumia 520
Nokia devices - the Lumia 720

The Lumia 720

The Nokia 15 Euro phone
The Nokia 15 Euro phone


NFC technology was a highlight of this year’s edition.

Even from the start, there was an option to use your smartphone as an NFC badge during the conference, and all card badges had NFC chips to quickly exchange contact info.

More than that, NFC could be used to buy food and drinks in the conference alternative catering courts.

Posters all over the venue displayed one-touch NFC information about Barcelona and the congress and there was a special corner dedicated to NFC apps offering from booking, tagging, ticketing to payment solutions.

exhibition Sony  

Many of the exhibitors included NFC technology in their new gadgets, for example, Sony enables wireless headsets to pair or unpair instantly with the device even while listening to music. #NiceToHave
devices exhibition


Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet Award
devices exhibition 2

Smart Watch
Smart Watch

Electric Renault car
Electric Renault car

Huge touch screen
Huge touch screen

Free device charging at the conference
Free device charging

Sorrounded by Androids
Intel was very proud to show Android running on x86.
Firefox OS wanted to steal the show, but the Intel Androids were everywhere 🙂

Sorrounded by Androids
Androids exhibition