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About the Mobile World Congress 2018

Mobile World Congress is a yearly conference focusing on news and innovations in mobile. Gathering industry leaders and innovators who present mobile trends, MWC, is the most important conference taking place in Europe. Besides listening to keynote speeches, playing with brand new gadgets and finding out the latest news, there are lots of things to explore at the conference.

This year’s edition took place between the 26th of February and 1st of March in Barcelona, Spain. Our colleague, Marco, was present and provided us lots of cool info and pictures. Read below the outcomes of the conference.

Devices we liked

The Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung released its Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus at the conference. The phones’ design looks mostly like the S8’s but they come with a redesigned camera, stereo speakers. The phones also come with AR Emojis. The S9 and S9 Plus can turn a 2D image into 3D, making it into an expressive emoji.

Marco had the chance to test both devices & emojis at MWC, and also tested a preview of our website and app.

Mobile World Congress 2018 devices 1
Mobile World Congress 2018 devices 1
Mobile World Congress 2018 devices 1
Mobile World Congress 2018 - notable products

Samsung Gear 4D VR & Qualcomm Snapdragon VR Headsets

VR was one of the most important topics at the conference. Samsung and Qualcomm Snapdragon both showcased their VR headsets.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon will have a more affordable price & a 30% improvement in power (battery life & faster performance). Samsung Gear will be compatible with Galaxy S devices. However, the S9 & S9 Plus’s new dual aperture lens camera and the stereo speakers will have a big impact on VR experience.

Notable announcements

  • 5G – even though 5G wasn’t released on the market yet, many talks at the Mobile World Congress were based on 5G and how it will impact the future of mobile. It will have a significant impact on download speed, on autonomous vehicles and latency (the delay between performing an online action and receiving the command).
  • IoT – IoT is rising and will have even more impact after the release of 5G. Apps will be even more responsive but there still are security concerns regarding IoT.
  • Awards – the Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) and the 4YFN Awards were presented during MWC. Check out the winners from all the categories at the Glomo Awards and meet the finalists & winners from 4YFN Awards.
  • More notable products released: Sony Xperia XZ2, Android Go, Huawei MateBook X Pro, Nokia 8110 & Nokia Sirocco, Vivo Apex.