Settling In

Recently, we moved our office into a bigger and more central apartment, funny enough on the same boulevard as the previous office.

After getting all our things in the new space we started making plans about where and how exactly we should arrange the desks and furniture. Also, we established what else we should be acquiring for the new space and how we will decorate the thematic rooms.

We will have the main working space and our beloved Zen Room, of course. But we will now have a new room for meetings and conferences, and we’ll also make a “Ready Set Holiday!” themed room. The “Ready Set Holiday!” room will be suitable for both fun and discussions. It will have the Fussball table and all our boardgames in a tropical decor with lots of plants, green grass and tropical leaves armchairs.

Cobalt Sign new office
Cobalt Sign new office
Cobalt Sign new office

Finishing Up … For Now

While waiting for the furniture and the new carpet we used some improvised desks for a couple of days and stored all the decorations all over the place. In the following days, things got back to normal, we set up all the desks in the “ballroom”, we settled in the kitchen and zen room and even the armchairs for the “Ready Set Holiday!” room arrived, but that is still work in progress.

Here is a glimpse of the tropical chairs and how the main workspace looks like now, but there is more to it. We have some plans for the walls and we are waiting for more decorations and more furniture for other rooms to arrive.

Cobalt Sign new office
Cobalt Sign new office
Cobalt Sign new office

More Cobalt

We are also preparing a bucket of cobalt blue colour and Oana & Arthur brought lots of cobalt blue glass objects from their holiday in Valencia.

Stay tuned, we will prepare a blog post when all the decorations will be in place. 👌

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