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Newscron App

Newscron App – we have been collaborating with the Swiss startup Newscron, DWB and Microsoft Switzerland. We developed the Windows Phone and Windows 8 applications.

It “started as a research project at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, aimed at understanding how the amount of information affects users’ behavior. As a part of the project, Zürich researchers developed their own mobile news aggregator app.” Later they decided to extend to the Windows platform. First, we published the Windows 8 application just before Christmas. Then, the Windows Phone app reached the store in March.

Newscron is a smart news aggregator app that filters and groups all the articles with the same subject. Starting from the publishers, so the user will not read the same article twice. Also, the user can fully customize the feeds including the countries and regions, languages and the frequency of categories.

Altogether, the settings are synced across devices for users who create a Newscron account. Both applications start with a wizard to create the initial setup of the user preferences.

Finally, this is Newscron on Windows 8.

The main page with featured topics for Germany, grouped by categories. The number of articles grouped in each topic is shown in the corner of the topic tiles
Newscron app W8
The menu and contextual options
Newscron app W8
The articles from one category and the menu with the customized categories list
Newscron app W8
Reading the articles on one topic
Newscron app W8
Configuring the region and language packages
Newscron app W8
Customizing the number of topics to fetch from each category (none is also an option)
Newscron app W8
The list of publishers for German and UK packages
Newscron app - W8

This is Newscron on Windows Phone, with a slightly smaller feature set. More exactly, the user registration & login are not included.

The main panorama contains the featured topics (left), categories list (right) and news sources.
Newscron app - WindowsPhone
The settings pages: packages selection (left) and categories preferences (right)
Newscron app - WindowsPhone
Topics from Business category from Germany, France and Spain (left) and French articles from one topic (right)
Newscron app - WindowsPhone

Download from Windows Phone Store