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At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Hall 8, the theaters’ hall was the place were all partner events took place.
Tuesday was the Nokia Developer Day.

Getting ready

On Tuesday morning all the Nokia staff and champions were busy preparing for a great day with a lot of visitors, activities, presentations and prizes.

  1. me with my new champion outfit
  2. best seats in the house
  3. the champions, Stephen Elop and Arthur

Nokia Developer Champions
The champions drinking the morning coffee and getting ready for the Nokia Developer Day
Nokia Developer Champions

The keynote

Nokia prepared a warm welcome to the champions present at MWC by playing a slideshow with our names on the huge screens right until Stephen Elop stepped on stage and began his opening speech.

The conference hall before opening hour.
Nokia Developer Day Keynote
The conference hall 5 minutes before the keynote started.
Nokia Developer Day Keynote
Stephen Elop speaking of the Nokia family.
Nokia Developer Day Keynote

Here is my video with the moments before the keynote.

You can watch the full Nokia Keynote on Youtube.

Doors opened

Visitors received an NFC card and a map and were encouraged to attend the technical sessions and to walk around the reception hall and gather XP points which could later be transformed into prizes or DVLUP points.

Two very popular attractions were the Nokia Imaging SDK corner with the astronauts and space booth and the Nokia X Porting Challenge Desk where people who managed to port their existing Android apps to Nokia X in less than 1 hour received a Nokia X device.

We, the champions, were available to talk to the people and also we had the special NFC XP Collector app and could help visitors redeem or spend their XP points.
Nokia Developer Day
Nokia Developer Day

The DVLUP Carnival

The prizes corner was also very busy, people exchanged their earned XP points for prizes or for chances to play at the Wheel of Destiny or Target Practice.
Nokia DVLUP Carnival

Arthur was also very busy spending the DVLUP XP points.
Nokia prizes

Space selfie

The most popular attraction at the Developer Day was probably the #spaceselfie cabin. With a real astronaut costume and the Windows Phone spaceselfie app powered by Nokia Imaging SDK, there were some awesome selfies taken and Lumia 1020 prizes at the end of the day.

Download the spaceselfie app from the Windows Phone Store
Download Nokia Imaging SDK 1.1

Here is Arthur on the moon
Arthur spaceselfie at Nokia Developer Day

Meanwhile, at the bus

Outside the Theatre B, where the Nokia Developer Day took place, the green Nokia Bus was open for the Porting Challenge participants.
The Nokia Porting Bus started a tour across Europe, here is the bus schedule.

Nokia Bus

The Nokia Party

The Developer Day ended with a huge beach club party, all decorated with the green theme.

Here is a short recap of the day