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Origami Cranes in Our Zen Room

A few years ago, shortly after we decorated our new “Zen Room”, we received a lovely gift, a stylish handmade origami crane set that matched our Shoji screen and paper lamps and decorations. The cranes are all tied together & hanging from a wooden rack, looking very zen-like so we placed it on the wall, above the sofa.

Since we first got the decorations, the Zen Room has changed quite a bit. As our team grew, we moved to a bigger office space, but we kept each room’s individual style, design & decorations, including the cranes.

Origami Cranes
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Upgrading the Origami Crane Set

Last year, when we upgraded our offices to more spacious rooms, we also added a new set of decorations. Starting from ropes hanging on the wall, vine plants, a handmade logo for “Ready Set Holiday!” to a new set of cranes.

This time, we needed bigger cranes because we were hanging them as a wall separator in the Zen Room. We wanted to “separate” the room, making half of it a place for relaxation & discussions and the other half for fun & games.

Cobalt Sign Origami Cranes Zen Room 55

So, one day, we gathered in the Zen Room and started folding huge pieces of rice paper into origami cranes. After a while, we had 14 huge paper cranes which we strung on fishing lines and then on the ceiling.

We like to give a personal touch to everything we do and we think it’s fun to create something as a team, whether it’s office decorations or a project we are working on.

Cobalt Sign Origami Cranes Zen Room 55
Origami Cranes

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