A smart, personalized news aggregator.



Windows 8 app developed for the Swiss startup Newscron and in partnership with Microsoft Switzerland and DWB.

“Newscron, which started as a research project at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, aimed at understanding how the amount of information affects users’ behavior. As a part of the project, Zürich researchers developed their own mobile news aggregator app.”

Newscron is a smart news aggregator app that filters and groups all the articles with the same subject from all the publishers into one topic, so the user will not read the same article twice. It also allows the user to fully customize the feeds, the countries and regions, languages and the frequence of categories and syncs all the preferences across devices.

User Experience Design

User Interface Design


Published December 23, 2013

Check out the Newscron Windows Phone app  Windows Phone app


Featured Topics

The main content containing the most read or recommended topics


The articles are divided into different categories. The user can choose to read the featured topics or the topics filtered by categories.

News Sources

All the newspapers and publications according to the region preferences



The packages containing countries and regions determine which news sources and topics are retrieved. The image shows the English and Spanish packages selected, with the corresponding list of topics.


The user can customize the frequency for every category available according to the selectes packages.



The articles with similar subjects are grouped into topics. The number in the top right corner shows the number of articles from each topic. (above image)


The articles are sorted by date and can belong to different news sources from different countries. Reading articles from one topic, inside the app (image to the right)


Account and Sync

The user has the option to create an account or to login which allows synchronizing all the preferences.


The screenshot shows Austrian articles with an English interface. The app (UI) is available in German, English, French and Italian languages.

We love working together with Oana and Arthur from Cobalt Sign especially for Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms. They are highly skilled experts for those platforms and combine great UX design and coding skills.

Simon Schweingruber, CEO DWB.ch