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“Ready Set Holiday!” is a stylish travel preparation app focusing on the pre-holiday period, helping you get organized & even more excited about your upcoming trip.

The app is available on iOS and Android, it has a set of handy features to get you ready for your trip. Set your countdown to your holiday, gather all your to do’s in the checklist and put reminders to complete them in time.
Get deals for plane tickets, book cool hotels for your holiday and find tours & activities to make sure your trip will be unforgettable.

Countdown & Weather

Countdown till your holiday and keep an eye on the weather.

Tours & Activities

Search through thousands of tours & activities and book them in advance.

Checklist with Reminders

Write your tasks, packing list & set reminders to complete them in time.

Flights & Hotels

Find plane tickets and cool places to stay on your long-awaited holiday.

Tours & Activities

A relaxing trip boosts happiness on the long term. Book shore excursions, private tours or wellness activities to unwind completely from your everyday routine.
If you are looking for adventure, then you can choose from outdoor trips, sky-high experiences or extreme activities.
Find excursions in over 193 countries.

Flights & Hotels

Find flight offers and book your tickets in time for your trip. Get deals from several airline companies. Filter your result to find the best option.

Do you want to stay at the closest hotel to the beach? Or in one with a spa? Find the accommodation you need. Search by amenities, distance, ratings and more.

“I love this app because it keeps up with your holiday and keeps you organised.”

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