Windows United Germany is our partner and one of the biggest Windows Phone communities in Germany, with over 7000 members. united their forces with other communities in Germany to create Windows United. The app (formerly known as offers users access to the latest news and forum discussions.

Follow News, Conversations & Forum Posts

Windows Phone App for the Windows Community in Germany

You can read forum posts and follow conversation threads at and also get all the latest stories at

The app combines both forum and news in a single package. We have worked with the vBulleting Forum API and the live tile brings the latest news directly to the start screen.

Mit Cobalt Sign zusammen zu arbeiten ist das beste was uns passiert ist, unsere Vorstellungen wurden engagiert und professionell umgesetzt. Ohne Cobalt Sign wäre nicht da, wo es heute ist.

Jens KrakauWPVision Team
UX Design
UI Design
Published 04.2014