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Brand new integrations for Ready Set Holiday app

Version 2.0 of our beautiful Ready Set Holiday! app is here! We updated all three apps: iPhone, Android and Windows Phone with a brand new, modern design and lots of new functionalities.

Ready Set Holiday app


Beautiful Photos

The requested beautiful background photos are here. The app offers a set of predefined images to chose from, or as a pro feature, the ability to receive custom, curated photography from our API, or the ability to upload your own.

Ready Set Holiday app on iPhone


Full-featured Checklist

We followed the users’ feedback and improved the checklist. It is now full-featured: you can add, edit, delete, check and uncheck tasks and even set reminders.

Ready Set Holiday app on Android

New website

We also created a beautiful, new website, to match the app, check it out:


Here are the download links for all three apps:


What do you think? We are happy to receive your feedback.