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Here at Cobalt Sign, we are developing mobile apps on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The one sentence that defines us and our work looks like this: “Don’t stop until you’re proud”. As our motto states, we are always focusing on developing beautiful & qualitative mobile applications both for our clients and for us.

Ready Set Holiday!, our travel preparation app, is very close to our heart. Each and everyone from the cobalt team worked on this app and contributed to its present form. We grew together with it, it was among the very first projects of Cobalt Sign and it still is the first project every team member works on when arriving at Cobalt Sign.

Through this app, we have the chance to experiment and learn, to implement our ideas in the field and to see them go live on the Store, after receiving feedback from every cobalt signer.

Ready Set Holiday! has changed a lot through these years and once again, this year, it got a new “outfit”.

Redesigned menu


Ready Set Holiday! comes with a new, redesigned menu. We upgraded it to a more user-friendly one. Now all the icons can be viewed vertically, next to each other, instead of appearing one under the other as before. The new menu allows us to add a few new features we are working on.

We also added some new icons, such as the tours & activities, the blog and the share icon. We’ll talk about them later on.

year in review

Ready Set Holiday! on Android



Among the newest features of the Android version is the widget. We developed a widget for our app so that the users can count down until their holiday right from their home screen.

The widget is the smaller version of the app, showing the holiday destination, the countdown and the current weather. It also comes with a beautiful background picture which can be set from the app.



The blog’s role in the app is to help users plan their holiday. This is why we called it “Inspiration”, so our users can find beautiful destinations for their holiday, amazing events and things to do around the world.

We always try to help our users prepare properly before their holiday, to know what they can do once they arrive.

The blog si also available on the web, you can read it here. We chose to implement our blog on Medium because it is a very user-friendly platform and it looks really good on mobile devices.


Currency exchange & tooltips 


Available both for Android and iOS, the currency exchange helps our users to keep track of the tours’ and activities’ prices. Now they can be aware of how much are they going to spend on the extra activities.

The tours & activities were initially displayed in Euro, but now based on the phone settings, the app lets the users view the prices in their country’s currency.

On Android, we integrated also a tooltip, which shows our users how the currency exchange and the background pictures features are working.

Ready Set Holiday! on iOS

Tours and activities


With the 3.0 version of Ready Set Holiday!, the booking feature is available on iOS as also. Users can browse through thousands of tours & activities and book them in advance for their holiday.

The currency converter is also available for the tours & activities on iOS. Just like on the Android version of the app, they work based on the phone’s settings.

year in review

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