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I am posting a few images from the “Making of…” album of our latest app.

If you haven’t checked out the app yet, take a look at Ready Set Holiday! for iPhone or Ready Set Holiday! for Android.

Developing for iPhone and Android…

For testing the app we used an iPhone and two Android phones: a Nexus S with Jelly Bean and a HTC Desire with Gingerbread and of course the simulators from Xcode and Eclipse.


Ready Set Holiday!

Some more photos:

Here is our “inspirational” background 🙂
Ready Set Holiday!

…and creating a responsive web layout

Another set of pictures are about creating the app’s website: about a day’s work of adjusting the responsive layout. It now accommodates well from 320px width screens to wide desktop monitors. Here is the app’s website in action.

A very useful tool was the Chrome Web Developer Extension “View Responsive Layouts” which automatically resizes for all the most common resolutions, all in one page:

  • Mobile portrait (320×480)
  • Mobile landscape (480×320)
  • Small tablet portrait (600×800)
  • Small tablet landscape (800×600)
  • Tablet portrait (768×1024)
  • Tablet landscape (1024×768)

Ready Set Holiday!

Ready Set Holiday!

Ready Set Holiday!

Let us know what you think about the app!
Any requests about what we should include in the next version?