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Summer Internship

Learn App Development

This Summer

We are happy to announce that you can sign up for the summer internship program at Cobalt Sign. 🎉

During the summer internships, we are developing pro bono apps for NGOs, and this year we expanded the reach to worldwide organisations. The internship is unpaid, but we value your time, as well as ours, so it is important for us to put all this time & effort to good use, by helping an NGO. Let’s pay it forward together!

We think it’s important that as our interns, you learn valuable information during your time at Cobalt Sign so by helping an NGO you will gain experience working on a real-life project, tailored to the organisation’s needs and requirements, a project that will be published on the app stores at the end of the internship. 

For two months, you will collaborate with your teammates to develop the Android / iOS apps. Our team will guide you through the learning process and help you make progress towards finishing and publishing the app. You will be using the latest technologies, tools & principles in app development to create a cool, modern app.

Ready for a cool summer challenge?

Let’s have some fun. 🤘

Practical Experience

Hands-on learning on a cool, real-life project.


Our team will be there to advise & help you.

App Development

Learn to develop a mobile app for iOS / Android.

Send Us Your CV by May 15th

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Previous Edition

We started this initiative a few years back, developing free apps for NGOs from our city.

Last year, during the internship program our interns and us worked on the PLAI Festival apps. The iOS & Android apps were rewritten using React Native & Firebase, and got updated with new functionalities and a fresh UI/UX design. 

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