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We’ve recently updated our Tea Timer app for Windows Phone.

There are 16 new tea blends to choose from, including Yunnan, Assam, English Breakfast, Sencha, Gunpowder and even more “exotic” ones like Gyokuro and Longjing. Also, we’ve included temperature recommendations for each tea, both in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Another cool new functionality is pinning teas to start, users can now access their preferred tea blends directly from the start screen, with their time setting already set up.

And last but not least, a live tile is available, on which the daily and the weekly tea counters are shown. The tile resets each 30 minutes.
Note for users: be careful though, with the number of background agents that run on your Windows Phone.

Here are some images with all these new features:

Tea Timer 
 Tea Timer
 Tea Timer 

The number of teas prepared so far is getting close to 40000, as you can see on the Tea Timer website.
Teas served so far

You can find the app on the store.
Enjoy your tea!