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The Cobalt team in Vienna

At the beginning of the month, we were on team building in Vienna. We visited the city’s highlights and had some #cobalt fun.

Friday, September 2, the day we arrived, we went to take a look at the Danube and the Donauturm, which is the highest building in Austria. Later on, we found a great place where we had some burgers and watched “The Crazy Roaring Sixties Show”, a live band playing classic rock tunes.

team building cobalt sign 8

Team selfie at the Gloriette

team building cobalt sign 3

The Danube and Donauturm

team building cobalt sign 26

Burgers and live music

The Schönbrunn experience

The second day of our trip started with a tour of the Schönbrunn Palace and gardens. First, we went to see the front yard and the Palace, then we went up to the Gloriette, where the royals used to serve breakfast.

On our way down, we stopped at the Schönbrunn Zoo. This is one of the few places from the world where you can see giant pandas climbed up in trees and chewing lazily on bamboo. Also, we took a look at the Amazon rainforest recreation and at the lovely polar bear, which was having its swimming time. Take a look!

team building cobalt sign 5

The Gloriette and the beautiful Schönbrunn garden

team building cobalt sign 9

The lazy giant panda

For lunch, we tried the famous Wiener Schnitzel at a local place called “Zum Bettelstudent”. It’s as good as rumor has it!

team building cobalt sign 12

Yummy Wiener schnitzel

Our team at the Prater

After lunch, we headed to Prater, Vienna’s amusement park. On our way, we took a look at the amazing landmarks from the Ringstrasse, such as the Opera house, the Hofburg Palace, the Museums Quarter (short MQ) and finally the impressive St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

team building cobalt sign

Stephans platz

Finally, we arrived at the Prater, where we tried out different roller coasters and had some fun in the bumper cars. The Boomerang was the first roller coaster we tried. Later on, we found out that it was the only one which did not use shoulder straps and that had a top speed of 85km/h. Check out the video from when we were riding the Boomerang.

team building cobalt sign 15

Looking at a very high carousel

team building cobalt sign 18

Preparing for the “race”

To relax after the busy day, we played Dixit. We had to match our “dreamy” cards to a short description invented by the storyteller. You can see the result below 😄

team building cobalt sign 22

The Dixit cards

Sunday, before we left Vienna, we went to Kahlenberg Platz. Fortunately, the sky was clear and we could enjoy the view from 484 m high.

team building cobalt sign 23

The view from Kahlenberg

And finally, us, the cobalt team, in our brand new t-shirts, stating: “If you’re waiting for a sign. This is it.” #cobaltsign

team building cobalt sign 27