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TimEvents 2020 app was developed during Mobile Summer 4.0. One of the 3 participating teams worked on developing the official app for the European Youth Capital 2020 for Timișoara. FITT Timișoara is focusing on organizing youth events in Timișoara. Since 2016 the organization’s mission was to win the “European Youth Capital 2020” title for our city.

The TimEvents app is available on Android. Its purpose is to inform the community about all the events happening in Timișoara. The app contains a list of events taking place in the near future. On the Events page of the app, you can find various courses, workshops but also cultural events and festivals happening in the city. These are organized by youth organizations from Timișoara, mostly for the youth of the city.

The “About” page contains more info about FITT Timișoara and their actions but also about our workshop, Mobile Summer. On these pages, you can see more information about the initiatives and the developers who have been working on the app.