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Timisoara Dance Festival App

Timisoara International Dance Festival (short FIDT) takes place every year in October and we are proud to announce it now has an official festival app.

The festival will take place in our city and it comes with a wide range of dance styles, such as:

  • Argentine Tango
  • Contemporary dance
  • Ballroom dances
  • Street dance
  • Caribbean dance
  • Dancesport

Why a dance festival app?

Courses, shows and demonstrations will be available throughout the following days in different locations, all over the city. Some are taking place with small groups of participants and registration is needed, others are open to everyone, organized in public spaces. How could you find out about a “surprise” flashmob for example? Moreover, the festival will end with the Timisoara Open Championship. This is an international dance contest, at its third edition.

The complete schedule and details about courses, seminars, prices and venues are available on the Android and iPhone apps. Having this dance festival app in their pocket, participants, locals and tourists alike can stay informed, plan their schedule and attend events throughout the city.

Timisoara dance festival app


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We are proud to help local communities and events reach their audience through mobile apps. Modern digital solutions can help local businesses and organizations reach their goals faster and increase their customers satisfaction.

More information

Find out more about the Timisoara Open Championship here.

And finally, the organizers Magnum Team Dance Club.