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The two weeks of TimTeen IT Summer School have come to an end, and last evening was the awards time.

Arthur and I were asked by Radu Ticiu to be part of the jury, together with Dan Popescu and Andrei Firoiu.
Our mission was to assess the two candidate teams and award the following titles:

  • Business Mosquito – for the best business approach
  • Technology Mosquito – for the best use of technologies
  • Promotion Mosquito – for the most successful promo campaign so far

Each team presented a demo, alpha version of their projects, tried to impress with the technologies used, told us about how they organized the teamwork and also their future plans for the two games.

There is still a lot of work to be done to reach a nicely-polished, final version, but both projects are nonetheless great. All the participants have accomplished a lot for these 2 summer weeks, and what is most important, they learned to work in a team, to meet a deadline and to have lots of fun coding and designing their apps.

You can keep in touch and support the two teams from TimTeen here:

We are all eager to see the final outcome, the two projects being launched and hopefully having lots of success.
Until then, keep up the good work, guys!