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Behind the Scenes at Cobalt Sign: The People and Processes that Drive Their Success ⎯ an article written by Anna Stark from GoodFirms.

award top ar/vr development company

Cobalt Sign recognized as
top AR/VR development company

Cobalt Sign, recognized as a top AR/VR development company, is a mobile app development company based in Timisoara, Romania, and it was founded in 2011 by a couple of married software developers.

They specialize in providing excellent digital software solutions to clients in Europe and the US, including both established enterprises and start-ups. As one of Romania’s top app development companies, they handle all aspects of the process from definition and design to development and launch.

Having top UX/UI designers and developers to offer the greatest digital products in line with their clients’ requirements and technical specifications, the company’s team can seamlessly steer projects from idea to market, thanks to its significant software lifecycle management skills.

The team acts as your specialised mobile team, enhancing the work of your existing backend team by providing mobile specs and UI/UX design to ensure they comply with Apple & Google criteria for established organisations looking to create a mobile app equal to existing web products.

Shipit Days at Cobalt Sign

Moreover, Cobalt Sign’s team assists you in turning your lofty ideas into digital products if your startup or new firm is looking to launch and scale quickly. To speed up the product development process, they usually begin by quickly developing an MVP (minimal viable product) to launch and test the market. This is followed by idea validation and team formation.

In addition, the team takes good care of your projects at every level of the development process and employs an agile methodology to guarantee timely delivery. The company’s clients frequently compliment the team on its inventiveness, diligence, and openness as the project progresses from conception to completion.

Therefore, GoodFirms, which assists millions of B2B tech organisations in finding & promoting software products & services, appraised Cobalt Sign for such a devoted workforce and its persistent work to deliver reliable solutions.

The methodical procedure by which GoodFirms ranks firms on its numerous service listing sites is called the Leaders Matrix Methodology. The Company Performance Algorithm is the foundation of the flagship Leaders matrix from GoodFirms. It operates by assessing an organization’s general performance using several established metrics and competencies. Deserving businesses are ranked according to the evaluation on our listing pages.

Cobalt Sign’s founders, Oana & Arthur Csertus, are software engineers who are enthusiastic about tea, travel, technology, and more.

At international mobile development competitions, they won many prizes over the years, and they decided in 2011 to concentrate on app development, including AR/VR development, and launch their business in Timisoara.

Teamwork, curiosity, and sincerity are things the founders appreciate. The team gets together occasionally and has discussions in the Zen Room. They usually get together to discuss sprints and code. However, they also unwind, get ideas for their apps, and occasionally sip tea.

At Cobalt Sign, the team creates AR/VR systems that use cameras, mobile devices, headsets, and other types of sensors to collect and process data, earning them recognition as a top AR/VR development firm by GoodFirms. They present data in a visual context so you can quickly understand it and spot unnoticed trends and patterns.

Moreover, the professionals effortlessly combine various hardware components with augmented and virtual reality software by integrating a range of IoT hardware elements, such as smart devices, sensors, actuators, etc., and improve AR/VR.

As a result, Cobalt Sign has become one of the best AR/VR development firm at GoodFirms by offering an immersive user experience that boosts the effectiveness of your product.

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