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“Windows Phone Week is a series of events created for the developer community by Windows Phone Developer MVPs. The events are organized in 14 countries (Romania, US, India, Ukraine, Italy, Brazil, France, Croatia, Spain, Columbia, Indonesia, etc), encouraging developers from around the world to explore app and gaming development in WP.”

The Timisoara event is organized by Catalin Gheorghiu, Microsoft MVP and Nokia Developer Champion and myself and takes place as an edition of Timisoara Mobile Development Meetup.

Join us on Monday and get the chance to win an amazing Nokia Lumia 920 and more prizes!

Register on or join the Facebook event!

The agenda for the event includes two parts:

App Development
  • Catalin Gheorghiu:  NFC apps development
  • Oana Csertus: Rapid WP8 development with App Studio
Apps made in Timisoara
  • Alex Manolache: Launching of ACS Poli Timisoara WP app
  • Andrei Manescu: Porting the Android game to WP
  • Ionut Antiu: Style Jukebox
  • MedScientist: HChecked
  • Oana Csertus: TeaTimer & 1tap2send

See you there!