Together with our partner, the well-known cooking website PetitChef, we developed the cooking app on Android, after a very successful Windows Phone app. Petit Chef for Android has over 1 million users and is available in 8 languages.

User Experience Design

App Development

Published March 24, 2015

Daily Menu Recommendation

Enjoy a starter, main course and dessert

Push Notifications

Get the daily menu curated recipes at just the right time – dinner time

Recipe Details

The recipe details page and its comments and ratings pivot items are very useful to help you quickly decide which recipe is the right one for you

Sync Cookbook

Login to PetitChef via email, Facebook or Google Plus. Your cookbook with your favorite recipes will be synced with the PetitChef website and other devices you own.


Search for recipes quickly from every page of the app. Use the advanced search feature to filter by ingredients or dish type.