Recipes and Cooking App

Together with our partner, the well-known cooking website PetitChef, we’ve created the official PetitChef Recipes and Cooking App for Windows Phone & Android.

Built-in Personal Cookbook 

Notifications with Daily Menu Recommendations 

The app sends push notifications with daily menu recommendation for starters, main courses and desserts.

If you find recipes you like then the app has a built-in personal cookbook. Login to PetitChef, either through email or Facebook, and save all your favourite recipes in one place.

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Over 100.000 Recipes with Ratings

Look for Ideas & Receive Suggestions to Plan Your Meals Easily

Your cookbook will be synced with the PetitChef website and other devices you own.

PetitChef is available in 8 languages – French, Romanian, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch – and has over 100.000 free recipes.

The advanced search and comments and ratings are very useful to help you quickly decide which recipe is the right one for you.

What The Users Are Saying

As a pro chef,I find it to be very very helpful n some good ideas for planning menus

Mooi NamPetitChef, Android User

Super app

GeraldPetitChef, Windows Phone user

Very very helpful .... extremely well done ...... ESSENTIAL

VirginiePetitChef, Windows Phone User

Love it Every day new suggestions, recipe library packed with ideas

AntonioPetitChef, Android User
Daily Recommendations

Enjoy a starter, main course and dessert.

Sync Cookbook

Sync your favorite recipes with Petitchef website or other devices.

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Push Notifications

Get notified about daily menu recommendations.

Advanced Search

Use the advanced search feature to filter by ingredients or dish type.