The Trialog iOS, Android & Web App 

The Trialog project is designed to connect companies, teachers and high-school students participating in internship programs in Europe.

Through the app, the three stakeholders can focus on work-based teaching and learning in a modern, effective way to ensure that there is no gap between market requirements and graduates’ skill development during the internship.

The iOS & Android apps are a user-friendly instrument for swift communication between students, companies and teachers.

Trialog internship program
Trialog Internship Program


Connecting Companies, Teachers, Students


Supervisor Profile

Companies & Teachers Guiding the Students Towards Success

The apps have a set of features which help both the companies & teachers to guide their students towards developing market required skills. Each internship has its own description, set of tasks and requirements of each task so that students can understand better their daily to dos.

Seeing all their daily tasks and requirements in the app, students know what to focus on when completing their assignments.

Trialog Internship Program
Trialog Internship Program
Trialog Internship Program

Student Profile

Self-Evaluation of the Work & Feedback from Supervisors

Students can attach photos of their work to each task. When a task is done, the students have to self-evaluate their work. 

After the self-evaluation, students also receive feedback from their tutors from the companies. The app has a push notifications system which notifies the users when they have to give an evaluation or in case students can’t attend a class.

The Web App

An Easy Way to Plan All Internship Programs

The web app is designed for teachers and tutors to collaborate and plan the internship programs.

This helps create a coherent and relevant internship, that meet both the school’s curriculum and the company’s real needs.

Trialog internship program
Trialog internship program
Push Notifications
360° Feedback Cycle
Trialog Internship Program
Trialog Internship Program
Trialog Internship Program
Daily Task Set
Detailed Assignments