The movie’s official Windows 8 app

ultimul zburator windows 8

Windows 8 app developed for the Romanian movie “Ultimul zburător” in partnership with Microsoft Romania.

The movie is the first part of the “Promissum” trilogy, and, as IMDb describes it, “Ultimul Zburător” is a “classic Romanian legend, other than the world-wide known myth of Dracula, brought to a modern fantasy love story.”


Published February 18, 2014

“Ultimul Zburator” Movie IMDb Website


“Ultimul Zburător” is an independeant movie, privately funded and it is the first part of the “Promissum” trilogy. It is a modern fantasy love story based on a clasical Romanian myth. You can read more about the story and how the project started from the app.


The movie trailer can be streamed from the app.

Actors and gallery

The actors and some movie shots can be viewed from the app.

Social media

The movie had a lot of publicity on social media.