Innovative wallet app to easily manage payments which integrates with Belgian digital identity provider itsme®.

itspaid® is a B2C app designed for individuals to be able to pay and manage their documents. We collaborated closely with the itspaid® product team to create the iOS and Android apps, from the first wireframe to setting up the staging environments, continuous integration and publishing updates.

Unifiedpost Group


iOS & Android Mobile App


Seamless app-to-app integration with Belgian identity provider

itspaid® was one of the first apps to use Belgian digital identity itsme®. itsme® is an innovative identity provider linking the national id card, SIM card and bank account making it possible to uniquely and securely identify a user.

Secure and easy to use way to manage all payments and documents

Securely pay invoices with any banking app the user has installed on his smartphone.


User Experience Design

The first focus was to create the basic functionality of logging in with itsme®, receiving invoices and making payments. Even with this basic set of functionalities, the user personas included less tech savvy people so we created detailed registration and onboarding flows to reduce the complexity. We created an interactive wireframe that covered the main screen flows and gathered feedback to improve them.

We took extra care in designing a detailed onboarding and tutorial experiences to guide the users through the login and setup process. Both these processes include app switching – with itsme® app for login, with an email client for verification and with banking apps for verification of IBAN numbers and payments – so it was important to keep the users engaged.

MVP and First UI Design

The first app design we proposed was based on the corporate identity of Unifiedpost at the time which included a grey-orange colour scheme.

The app went live as a minimum viable product (MVP) with the main functionalities of login with itsme®, receiving invoices and making payments. Later on, a separate branding was created for itspaid®, with a fresh logo and a purple-orange colour scheme. We took one sprint to implement the design changes and switch from a more complex hamburger menu to a more easy to use tab menu.

itspaid - initial mvp app design

Complete rebranding and more functionalities

Unifiedpost Group went through a complete rebranding process, so we implemented the new design for itspaid® to match the new corporate identity.

We added more functionalities for documents management, payment with QR codes, scheduling payments and adding PIN codes to authorise payments and use FaceID.

payment wallet app design

Project Outcome


Security is one of the main concerns when it comes to user identity and payments so we took extra measures in communicating with the servers and user’s banking apps to ensure authorization and safe payments.

Ease of Use

From the very first screen the user is closely guided and informed about the app functionalities and possibilities so he/she can feel comfortable integrating personal data and linking his IBAN accounts. Each step is secured with validation pin codes for data verification and actions authorization.



Unifiedpost collaborated with Cobalt Sign for mobile app development on four products over the past five years. They created our mobile apps from proof of concept to launch and have been continuously enhancing them, helping us offer mobile business & financial services to our customers. They are agile and hardworking, I recommend Cobalt Sign as a reliable partner.

Tom Van AckerGeneral Manager, Unifiedpost Group

Unifiedpost Group and Cobalt Sign have been partners for many years now. We love working together with Cobalt Sign because they are a bunch of skilled and dedicated developers, always ready to pick up the next challenge.

Jan Van BulckProduct Director Payments, Unifiedpost Group