The Riskline App

Riskline is a corporate travel app developed for a travel risk intelligence company which focuses on risk assessment for hundreds of destinations around the world. 

Using a custom intelligence that analyzes hundreds of sources, Riskline monitors travel news, political crises and security developments worldwide, 24/7.

The purpose of this travel intelligence is to support it’s users with detailed information about their destination, keep them aware of possible crises and issues with their safety in mind.

Riskline - Travel risk assesment app
Riskline - Travel risk assesment app

Trustworthy Travel Advisory App

24/7 Worldwide Coverage of Events That Influence Travel Plans

Hundreds of destinations are being analyzed to prepare detailed information for all travellers. Countries receive risk assessments and cities have safety reports that keep their users informed. 

The app gives timely advice on safety issues that travellers can avoid beforehand. But, as an incident happens, initial alerts are sent with follow-up messages as the situation develops.

Reports & Warnings for Travellers

Prompt Intelligence on International Security & News

Using the latest intelligence on cities worldwide, the app shares daily security and travel news with its users. Based on these verified facts, the app users can make an informed decision about their upcoming travel plans. 

Besides pre-travel warnings, the app has information about hotspots to avoid, advice on local transportation and other safety issues.

Riskline - Travel risk assesment app
Travel risk assesment app - Cobalt Sign | App Development Company
Riskline app
Travel risk assesment app

Safe & Informed Travelling

Safe Travel Itinerary, Easy Communication Between Employees

Once you create an account, you can set your location, contact information and use certain features to ensure that you’re safe while travelling.  

The app is suitable for corporate travel. Managers can make an account to be aware of the risks of travelling in every location and to plan safe itineraries.

Moreover, they can communicate with their team, they can see check-ins of their employees to make sure that they make informed decisions and they are safe in case of an emergency.

Real-time Alerts

Warnings about risks and impact on travel plans.

Travel News

Daily security and travel news, info about critical events.

Cobalt Sign Apps | App Development Company
Cobalt Sign Apps | App Development Company
Risk Assessment

Global risk ratings, local threats & developments.

Travel Safety

Pre-travel warnings, hotspots to avoid and announcements.


Riskline App