Spotlight Heritage Timișoara App

Spotlight Heritage Timișoara is a cultural project developed by the Politehnica University of Timișoara and the National Museum of Banat in collaboration with Timișoara 2021 European Capital of Culture Association. Read more here.

The project aims to introduce locals and tourists to Timisoara’s cultural and architectural heritage using digital storytelling. The iOS and Android app we developed for Spotlight Heritage Timișoara is one of the methods this project is being materialised. 

The apps will contain several stories about the city that will highlight neighbourhoods and communities of the city. The first story is already available in the app and it is called: Iosefin.

Spotlight Heritage Timisoara
Spotlight Heritage Timisoara

The iOS & Android App

Digital Stories About Timișoara

The first story is about Iosefin neighbourhood. The Iosefin story has 16 landmarks which present the neighbourhood through the eyes of Valeria.

The stories are based on Valeria dr. Pintea novel, written by Liana Maria Gomboșiu. Valeria dr. Pintea lived in the neighbourhood and wrote about daily life from her perspective. 

Real-Life Stories

Based on Valeria dr. Pintea Novel

All of the landmarks presented have a short description, a video, pictures from how the landmark looked in the past and how it looks today.

The memories section of each landmark contains fragments from the novel, photos of goods they possessed and are still available today and old pictures from the family of Valeria dr. Pintea.

Each landmark has a “Your story” section as well. Users can submit their personal experiences, comments, photos or videos.

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Spotlight Heritage Timisoara
Spotlight Heritage Timisoara AR

Timișoara’s Past Revealed

A Virtual Overlap of the City’s Cultural Heritage 

The landmarks can be viewed with the AR app as well. Once you’re nearby one of the landmarks, you can see how it used to look by opening the AR part of the app and pointing it to the sight.

However, if you’re not nearby, you can explore the landmark by looking at a 360 photo or by watching a short presentation video. 

Events & Exhibitions

Digital Stories on Interactive Tables & Tablets

The app contains a list of the events and guided tours organized to accompany the digital stories.

During these events, the apps can be used on the interactive tables and tablets exposed at the National Museum of Banat and the Technical Museum of the Politehnica University of Timișoara.

Spotlight Heritage Timisoara Android Tab
Spotlight Heritage Timisoara Android Tab
AR & 360 View

Augmented reality and 360 view of each landmark.


Related events & guided tours taking place in the city.

Spotlight Heritage Timisoara
Spotlight Heritage Timisoara
Mapped Landmarks

Cultural and historical landmarks on a map.


A list of your favourite landmarks in Timișoara.


Spotlight Timișoara Apps

Cover photo by Rafael Leucuța