Beautiful & Easy to Use Tea Timer

Tea Cup is a stylish tea timer available on Android and Windows Phone. It comes packed with 30 blends of tea, temperature recommendations and weekly statistics.

You can edit all the teas and add your own. When the tea is ready you get notified by a delightful xylophone sound.

Tea blends

Set up your preferred teas or select from our 30-blend list.


Get time & temperature, edit and add your own teas.


When the tea is ready, get notified by a delightful xylophone sound.


See daily, weekly & global statistics for teas served.

Teacup Wearable for Samsung Gear

Wearable devices are amazing and Tea Cup fits perfectly for their purpose. You can check your infusion’s status and get notified when your tea is ready right on your watch. Tea Cup is available on Samsung Gear!

TeaCup for Tea Lovers


Samsung Gear App Challenge

Tea Cup for the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch was a winner in Round 1 of Samsung Gear App Challenge (November 2014).

Featured App in 44 Countries

Tea Timer (on Windows Phone) was featured in the Store almost daily and in 44 countries including United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Korea, Qatar, Australia.

Always enjoy a perfect cup of tea!

Tea Cup

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